Belmont Abbey Debate concluded its 2020-2021 season this weekend at the IPDA National Championship. This year, the tournament welcomed over 300 competitors, ranging from state schools like UCLA and the University of Florida to private schools including St. Anselm College and Patrick Henry College. After completing eight preliminary rounds, all of our students were in the top half of competitors for their respective divisions and were honored with a speaking and/or placement award.

In novice, freshman Carter Keller concluded his second full tournament as the 17th seed out of 100 first-year students, earning six of eight preliminary ballots. He advanced through triple-octofinals before concluding in double-octofinals. His opponent from Abilene Christian University went on to the semi-finals. Carter was also honored with a speaking award for the top 30%.

In junior varsity, sophomore Paloma Shrauder was ranked 22nd out of 102 competitors, winning six of eight preliminary rounds. Paloma advanced through triple-octofinals and concluded as a double-octofinalist in a round against Valdosta State University.

In varsity, junior Blake Traylor earned four out of eight ballots, narrowly missing advancement to elimination rounds and ranking in the top half of competitors based on preliminary records. Blake was also awarded with a speaking award for scoring in the top 30% of 94 varsity students.

This concludes our academic season; we look forward to beginning preparations for next year.

Debate April 2021