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Open up a life well-lived through the Great Books.

Community/Cultural Events

  • Live in an atmosphere that encourages growth in faith and virtue
  • Experience lively and lasting friendships centered around shared pursuit of truth
  • Study abroad in Ireland and attend a seaside retreat at Hilton Head Island
  • Regularly attend symphonic and dance performances with fellow students and professors
  • Share informal gatherings, including meals with Honors College students and faculty, bonfires, movie nights, and reading groups.


  • Gain the foundation necessary for both for a career and a life well-lived. Students can choose four years of study committed exclusively to the great books or elect a traditional major while also studying a 77-credit great books core. See four-year-curriculum.
  • Investigate the fundamental questions of human and divine realities.
  • Do a little bit well, using “textual analysis” to conduct a close and careful reading of great books.
  • With the help of the greatest minds, explore the contemporary crises that shape the world in which we live.
  • Advance in awareness of the foundational impacts of Ancient, Christian, and Modern Thought.
  • Acquire the art of concise, persuasive writing. Learn more here. 
We have been knocking on the doors of great and hidden questions.

St. Augustine

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In celebration of Constitution Day, our Honors College dean, Dr. Joe Wysocki hosted Dr. Bradford Wilson to discuss “Hamilton” and the constitution. Thanks to CLT and the Jack Miller Center.


Tension and high drama in the domain of ideas


Be someone who has something to say and knows how to say it.


The reality known as Western civilization has included authors of rare quality who have contributed to the course of human history.


That venerable art to go aside, to take time, to become still, to become slow...

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Joe WysockiDr. Joseph Wysocki
Dean of the Honors College

Christine BasilDr. Christine J. Basil
Assistant Professor of Honors College

Dr. Joshua HrenDr. Joshua M. Hren
Assistant Professor of English


“… I do love wisdom alone and for its own sake, and it is on account of wisdom that I want to have or fear to be without other things, such as life, tranquility, and my friends. What limit can there be to my love of that Beauty, in which I do not only not begrudge it to others, but I even look for many who will long for it with me, sigh for it with me, possess it with me, enjoy it with me; they will be all the dearer to me the more we share that love in common.” — St. Augustine, Soliloquies, I. 13, 22.

  1. To awaken wonder in our students and to foster in them a love of and fledgling steps toward WISDOM.
  1. Through study and discussion of great books of Western civilization, to assist students to grow in an awareness of three foundational perspectives therein (Classical, Christian, Modern).
  1. Through consideration of disputes among some of the greatest minds, to occasion in students reflection upon questions and issues of pressing importance as well as advancement  towards a broad overview and an incipient grasp of those matters that are of greatest import to human beings.
  1. To occasion progress in correct interpretation of great texts through attentive reading, assiduous study, probing discussions and, when warranted, reasoned dissent from the teachings of particular authors.
  1. To assist students to grow in awareness of prominent issues in what thoughtful persons have referred to as a “crises in the West.”
  1. Through the experience of careful reading, regular study, frequent conversations, and engaged writing, to enable students to grow in depth, clarity, subtlety of reflection and articulate  expression.
  1. To promote in our students the proper balance of disciplined study and play along with habits of life conducive to bodily health, social grace, and a refined use of leisure.
  1. Through cultivation of intellect, community living, the joys of friendship, to provide to all an atmosphere conducive to the continuing growth of piety and principled living.

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