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New Students

  • You are considered a visiting student if you fall into one of the following categories:
    • Enrolled in another college or university
    • High school senior
    • All visiting students must complete the Summer School application before registering for classes.  Please email the application to: .
  • Summer school class offerings are contingent upon sufficient enrollment.  Students should check the Belmont Abbey College website or the Self Service database frequently for additional course offerings or changes in scheduling.
  • Students may register for a maximum of six (6) semester hours.
  • If you are visiting from another college or university, you should obtain approval from the Dean or Registrar at your institution for the courses you wish to transfer.

Current Students

  • Online registration for summer school will open on March 1st. Click here to register.
  • Students may register for a maximum of six (6) semester hours per session.
  • You must meet with your academic advisor for assistance in selecting your classes and so they can open online registration for you.
  • Summer school class offerings are contingent upon sufficient enrollment. Students should frequently check the College website or Self Service for additional course offerings or changes in scheduling.


Summer school tuition rate is $299 per credit hour.
Tuition and fees for Summer school must be paid by May 10th.
It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate any financial assistance with the Financial Aid Office before  May 3rd.


After registering for summer classes, contact the Financial Aid Office to see if you qualify for financial aid. You can call 704-461-7000, e-mail, or stop by The Hub Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm.


Federal Pell Grants and Federal loans are available for summer school ONLY if you have not used your entire eligibility during the fall and spring semesters. Call the Financial Aid Office if you are unsure about your Pell and/or Loan status.


If Belmont Abbey College cancels a course –100% of tuition is refunded to students.

If you drop a class prior to the end of drop/add for the Session, you will be refunded 100% of your tuition. If you withdraw from a course during the first week of the Session, your tuition charges will be prorated. Withdrawals processed after the first week of each Session may result in no reduction in tuition charges. Please contact the Financial Aid Office and Business Office prior to withdrawing from a course for more details.


Students eligible for an employer reimbursement program must submit all Tuition Deferment forms to the Student Financial Services Office by May 3rd.

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Belmont Abbey College

100 Belmont-Mt. Holly Road
Belmont, NC 28012
Admissions: 1.888.222.0110
Main Number: 1.704.461.6700
Crusader Success Hub: 1.704.461.7000
Fax: 704.461.6220


Housing will be available during summer school for traditional-aged students enrolled in the current spring semester. If a student is enrolled in six credit hours during a summer session housing is free. Students must complete a housing application to be eligible for summer housing.

Register for Summer On-Campus Housing

Students wishing to reside on campus during summer school must fill out a housing application in MyHousing. Visit to complete the BAC Summer Housing Application for summer school.

This application will open on March 2, 2021; it closes on Sunday, May 3, 2021, at 11:59 PM.

Room selection for summer school will take place in late April through MyHousing. This is not the same process as room selection for the 2021-2022 academic year.

For more information: Call the Crusader Success Hub 704.461.7000 or e-mail


Summer 2020 Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Reason for Summer Residency Meal Plan Charge Housing Charge
Student taking 6 or more credit hours Session 1 $710
plus $49.70 NC Tax
Student taking 6 or more credit hours Session 2 $1,250
plus $87.50 NC Tax
Student taking 6 or more credit hours Session 3 $690
plus $48.30 NC Tax
Student taking Session 1 and Session 3
(whole summer)
plus $98.00 NC Tax
Student doing 4 week internship
(unable to use meal plan)
None $291
Student doing 8 week internship
(unable to use meal plan)
None $582
Student working for College
(20 or more hours per week)
None None
Students Outside a dorm on Belmont Abbey Campus
Students Enjoying Belmont Abbey

Academic Calendar

Summer School 2021 Session I Calendar (five weeks)
May24MondaySummer school Session I begins – Monday – Friday day classes
28FridayDrop/Add ends for Session I classes
31MondayMemorial Day - College Closed
June14MondayLast day to officially withdraw from Session I classes with “W”
25FridaySession I final exams – normal class times
28MondaySession I grades due by 12 noon – submit via Self Service
Summer School 2021 Session II Calendar (8 weeks)
May24MondaySummer school Session II Tuesday/Thursday evening classes begin
26WednesdaySummer school Session II Monday/Wednesday evening classes begin
June1TuesdayDrop/Add ends for session II at 5:00pm
17ThursdayLast day to officially withdraw from Session II class with “W”
July20TuesdayLast day of Session II Tue/Thu 8 week evening classes
21WednesdayLast day of Session II Mon/Wed 8 week evening classes
22ThursdaySession II Tue/Thu 6:00pm class exam – exam begins at 6:00pm
26MondaySession II Mon/Wed 6:00pm class exam – exam begins at 6:00pm
27TuesdaySession II Tue/Thu 8:15pm class exam – exam begins at 6:00pm
28WednesdaySession II Mon/Wed 8:15pm class exam – exam begins at 6:00pm
August2MondaySession II final grades due by 12 noon – submit via Self-Service
Summer School 2021 Session III Calendar (five weeks)
June28MondaySummer school session III begins – Monday - Friday day classes
July2FridayDrop/Add ends for Session III classes
26MondayLast day to officially withdraw from Session III classes with “W”
30FridaySession III final exams – normal class times
August2MondaySession III final grades due by 12 noon – submit via Self Service

Course Schedule

Academic SessionClass IDSectionClass NameDayStart TimeEnd TimeProfessorBuildingRoom
SS1BU306HY1Quantitative Analysis IMON2:00PM4:15PMQuillen
SS1BU436OAAOperations ManagementTBA12:00AM12:00AMHuntASYONone
SS1CH1051General Chemistry IMWF10:00AM12:15PMAyalaWGS209
SS1CH105L1General Chem I LabTR12:00PM3:00PMAyalaWGS109
SS1CJ201HY1Introduction to Criminal JusticeMW8:00AM10:15AMBeeman
SS1CJ300HY1Law Enforcement in the U.S.MW12:00PM2:15PMBeeman
SS1CJ360HY1American Criminal CourtsTR8:00AM10:15AMSumma
SS1CJ365HY1Juvenile JusticeTR10:30AM12:45PMSumma
SS1EC202OS1Introductory Economics IITWR8:15PM10:15PMWatsonSYNONone
SS1EN2111Literary Classics of the West Trad IMWF11:00AM1:15PMO'Gorman
SS1EN225HY1Fiction to FilmTR12:00PM2:15PMO'Gorman
SS1EN4001The Short StoryMWF2:00PM4:15PMCorwin
SS1HI1010AAWestern Civilization ITBA12:00AM12:00AMFeayASYONone
SS1HI201OS1United States History 1492-1877TWR10:00AM11:45AMHutchinsonSYNONone
SS1HI333OS1World War IITWR2:00PM3:45PMHutchinsonSYNONone
SS1MA112OS1Intermediate AlgebraM-F8:00AM9:45AMSmalenbergerSYNONone
SS1MA135OS1Math for Liberal ArtsMWF11:00AM1:45PMStrugarSYNONone
SS1MA151OS1College AlgebraMWF1:00PM3:45PMStaffSYNONone
SS1MA2011Calculus IMWF1:00PM3:45PMWhiteWGS110
SS1ME1001Mathematics EssentialsMW6:00PM8:00PMHibbler
SS1PC303OS1Specuak Topics-Psych of ViolenceMW9:30AM11:45AMGomesSYNONone
SS1PC313OS1Abnormal PsychologyTR9:30AM11:45AMGomesSYNONone
SS1PC385OS1Psych of Child MaltreatmentTR1:00PM3:45PMGomesSYNONone
SS1PH200W1Intro to PhilosophyMWF11:00AM1:00PMSiebert
SS1PH2021Intro to Logical ReasoningMWF8:30AM10:30AMSiebert
SS1PO2111Classic Texts I: Ancient & MedievalMWF1:30PM3:30PMSiebert
SS1SM330HY1Sport MarketingTR9:30AM11:45AMCatchpoleMRHALL306
SS1TH1051Introduction to ScriptureMWF9:30AM11:45AMNoia
SS2AC211APrinciples of Accounting IMW6:00PM8:00PMGrantRSH205
SS2AC212APrinciples of Accounting IIMW8:15PM10:15PMGrantRSH205
SS2AR102OAAIntro to Art in Western Civilization IITBA12:00AM12:00AMJacobsASYONone
SS2BI103AIntroductory BiologyMW6:00PM8:00PMTompkinsWGS209
SS2BU265HYASpreadsheet & Database ApplicationsTUES6:00PM8:00PMGunter
SS2BU306OSAQuantitative Analysis IMW6:00PM8:00PMGuptaSYNONone
SS2BU310OSAFinance IMW6:00PM8:00PMBarbourSYNONone
SS2BU315WHSABusiness CommunicationsTUES6:00PM8:00PMMilesSYNONone
SS2BU315WOAABusiness CommunicationsTBA12:00AM12:00AMLa FlairASYONone
SS2BU319OSAAdvertising and PromotionTR6:00PM8:00PMQuillen
SS2BU335OSAPersonal Finance and InvestmentsMW8:15PM10:15PMBarbourSYNONone
SS2BU350HYAConsumer BehaviorMON8:15PM10:15PMMurray
SS2BU370OAAProject ManagementTBA12:00AM12:00AMMcIntoshASYONone
SS2BU401OAAOrganizational BehaviorTBA12:00AM12:00AMGunterASYONone
SS2BU404HYAHuman Resource ManagementMON6:00PM8:00PMMurray
SS2BU407OAAManagement Seminar:Strategic ManagementTBA12:00AM12:00AMMcIntoshASYONone
SS2BU412OAALegal Environment of BusinessTBA12:00AM12:00AMHayesASYONone
SS2BU437OAASupply Chain and LogisticsTBA12:00AM12:00AMHuntASYONone
SS2CJ201AIntroduction to Criminal JusticeTR6:00PM8:00PMBoner
SS2CJ201HSAIntroduction to Criminal JusticeTUES6:00PM8:00PMBeemanSYNONone
SS2CS100AIntroduction to ComputingMW6:00PM8:00PMCustodio
SS2DA101OSADance AppreciationTR6:00PM8:00PMHayesSYNONone
SS2DS101OAAIntro Data ScienceTBA12:00AM12:00AMGallagherASYONone
SS2EC375OSASpec Tpc In EconomicsMW8:15PM10:15PMWatsonSYNONone
SS2ED305OSAIntroduction to the Exceptional ChildTR6:00PM8:00PMMannoSYNONone
SS2ED310WOSAEduc. Development & PsychologyTR8:15PM10:15PMMannoSYNONone
SS2ED315HSAArts IntegrationMON6:00PM8:00PMKohlbrennerSYNONone
SS2EN106OAAIntro to Digital and Multi-Media ArtsTBA12:00AM12:00AMJensenASYONone
SS2EN211OAALiterary Classics of the West Trad ITBA12:00AM12:00AMPizzaASYONone
SS2EN212OAALiterary Classics of the West Trad IITBA12:00AM12:00AMPizzaASYONone
SS2EN361OAAWriting for Social MediaTBA12:00AM12:00AMJensenASYONone
SS2HI101AWestern Civilization IMW6:00PM8:00PMPruett
SS2HI102AWestern Civilization IITR6:00PM8:00PMMotz
SS2HI202HYAUnited States History 1877 to PresentMON6:00PM8:00PMBaxter
SS2IB310OAAInternational BusinessTBA12:00AM12:00AMFrazierASYONone
SS2IB317OAAInternational MarketingTBA12:00AM12:00AMFrazierASYONone
SS2IS308OAAResearch Methods and WritingTBA12:00AM12:00AMHixsonASYONone
SS2IS408WOAAInterdisciplinary Studies ThesisTBA12:00AM12:00AMHixsonASYONone
SS2LA102YElementary Latin IITBA12:00AM12:00AMSolariTBATBA
SS2MA112OSAIntermediate AlgebraMW8:15PM10:15PMSmalenbergerSYNONone
SS2MA135AMath for Liberal ArtsTR6:00PM8:00PMHibblerWGS
SS2MA151OSACollege AlgebraTR8:15PM10:15PMTiwariSYNONone
SS2PC2010AAIntroduction to PsychologyTBA12:00AM12:00AMElliottASYONone
SS2PC201OABIntroduction to PsychologyTBA12:00AM12:00AMElliottASYONone
SS2PC301HSADevelopmental PsychologyTUES8:15PM10:15PMElliottSYNONone
SS2PC307WHSAResearch Methods in PsychologyR6:00PM8:00PMElliottSYNONone
SS2PC360HSASocial PsychologyTUES6:00PM8:00PMElliottSYNONone
SS2PC404HYASeminar in CounselingTBA12:00AM12:00AMElliottASYONone
SS2PO201OSAThe American ConstitutionMW8:15PM10:15PMMcIntoshSYNONone
SS2PO211AClassic Texts I: Ancient & MedievalMW6:00PM8:00PMStaff
SS2PO211OAAClassic Texts I: Ancient & MedievalTBA12:00AM12:00AMCookASYONone
SS2PO211OABClassic Texts I: Ancient & MedievalTBA12:00AM12:00AMCookASYONone
SS2PO212AClassic Texts II: Renaissance & ModernMW8:15PM10:15PMStaff
SS2PO212OAAClassic Texts II: Renaissance & ModernTBA12:00AM12:00AMImparatoASYONone
SS2PO212OABClassic Texts II: Renaissance & ModernTBA12:00AM12:00AMImparatoASYONone
SS2RH104OAARhetoric and WritingTBA12:00AM12:00AMLa FlairASYONone
SS2SC105AConceptual Physical ScienceTR8:15PM10:15PMStaffWGS109
SS2SM201OAAIntroduction to Sport ManagementTBA12:00AM12:00AMCunninghamASYONone
SS2SM305OAASport and SocietyTBA12:00AM12:00AMCunninghamASYONone
SS2SM325OAACoaching ManagementTBA12:00AM12:00AMCunninghamASYONone
SS2SM360OAASport Business and FinanceTBA12:00AM12:00AMCunninghamASYONone
SS2SO201APrinciples of SociologyMW6:00PM8:00PMWashington
SS2TH105OAAIntroduction to ScriptureTBA12:00AM12:00AMMathewsASYONone
SS2TH105OABIntroduction to ScriptureTBA12:00AM12:00AMRovatiASYONone
SS2TH205OABIntroduction to TheologyTBA12:00AM12:00AMRiadiASYONone
SS2TH205OSAIntroduction to TheologyMW6:00PM8:00PMRiadiSYNONone
SS3AR300OSAArt, Arch, Rel of India, China and JapanMW2:00PM4:00PMPastryk
SS3BI1001Essentials of BiologyMWF9:00AM11:15AMAyalaWGS210
SS3BI100L1Essentials of Biology LabTUES12:00PM3:00PMAyalaWGS219
SS3CH1061General Chemistry IIMWF10:00AM12:15PMAyalaWGS209
SS3CH106L1General Chemistry II LabTR12:00PM3:00PMAyalaWGS109
SS3EC201OS1Introductory Economics ITWR8:15PM10:15PMWatsonSYNONone
SS3EN2121Literary Classics of the West Trad IIMWF11:00AM1:15PMCorwin
SS3HI102OAAWestern Civilization IITBA12:00AM12:00AMFeayASYONone
SS3HI399OS1Americans in ParisTBA2:00PM4:15PMFeaySYNONone
SS3MA2021Calculus IIMWF11:00AM1:45PMWhiteWGS110
SS3RU1011Beginning RussianTR11:00AM1:15PMCorwin
SS3SC110OS1The Physical WorldMWF8:00AM10:45AMWorkalemahuSYNONone
SS3SC110L1Physical World LabMWF11:00AM12:50PMWorkalemahuWGS103
Summer Course Schedule PDF



  • Vouchers available May 21st for newly admitted students who have financial aid in process and qualify for a refund.


  • You can reserve your textbooks for the summer school session.  Visit Select the correct courses & sections from the drop-down boxes, view the textbook list for each course, and add the titles to your cart. You can have the books shipped to you (for an extra shipping cost) or reserved for in-store pickup (no shipping cost!).