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What is Schola?

Schola │Latin │noun │ /ˈskʰ

1. leisure for learning

2. an intermission from work

3. learned conversation

4. a meeting place for teachers and students

Schola is a unique high school summer program that affords students an opportunity to grow in friendship, devotion, wisdom, and wonder—through leisure. Participants are invited to slow down, to spend a summer week cultivating the goodness of their souls by reading and discussing classic works of philosophy and literature with friends and having meaningful conversations about the fundamental questions of life.

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We have many exciting online sessions planned for the Summer of 2021 with a theme of Justice and Mercy. Register below to have access to all of these engaging seminars taking place July 11-15.

Schedule of Seminars

Sunday, July 11th 8-9pm: Introduction of Week by Drs. Wysocki and Hren
Monday, July 12th 8-9:30pm: Getting to Know One Another Icebreaker Session
Tuesday, July 13th 10-11am: Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound
Tuesday, July 13th 1-2pm: Book I of Plato’s Republic
Wednesday, July 14th 10-11am: St. Thomas Aquinas
Wednesday, July 14th 1-2pm: Dante’s Inferno
Thursday, July 15th 10-11am: Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice
Thursday, July 15th 1-2pm: Seminar on Tocqueville’s Democracy in America
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Schola 2018

“Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars.”

 –Henry Van Dyke

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July 18 – 24

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